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Nurol Technology, ensures the lightest and most efficient protections applied for aircraft armor systems with boron carbide, and silicon carbide ceramics. These are specially designed in modular structures with high technology processes complex geometries and designs

Light Weight Armor Systems
Armor plates for air vehicles are designed to provide maximum protection for the pilot seat, engine protection plate, and bottom passenger protection plates and may be applied to other areas upon request.

Geometric  Solution
Solutions that ensure maximum protection and workspace in tight areas, particularly like the pilot seat, so as to provide comfortable use. They can be installed on any desired surface and with the required ergonomics.

Ceramic  Metarial Solutions
Silicon carbide, RB Silicon carbide, boron carbide, RB boron carbide are among our production capability.

Aramid, high density polyethylene, S2 and E-Glas are materials that we use in our solutions.

Aircraft Armors - FAZIL®
Our focus as Nurol Technology is providing the highest quality armor materials. A large part of our qualified staff work on providing necessities and requirements that are needed in aircrafts at the highest quality with constant development programs.Our  FAZIL® class armor solutions are the lightest, safest, and the most high-level protection products that have been specially designed for air crafts in this range.All products are designed in 3D with the most developed CAD software and all resistance and ballistic performance are foreseen with the use of the definite element method.

Aircraft Armors - FAZIL®-C
FAZIL®-C type armors is the product class designed for cargo type aircraft armors that provide maximum protection on the largest dimensioned areas with minimum armor plates.With FAZIL®-C, it is possible to have complete protection solutions for cargo type aircrafts without needing any changes in design of the armor system and with the minimum number of connections.

The aircraft types that FAZIL®-C  can be used most efficiently with are:

FAZIL®-C can protect the cockpite area, the cargo section, doors and the liquid oxygen system. FAZIL®-C, which can be designed completely modular and flexible in accordance with requirements can be provided according to the below-listed standards:

Ballistic Standards: NIJ Level III , Stanag 2920
Weight: <20kg/m2
Thickness: 22mm


Ballistic Standards: NIJ Level IV , Stanag 2920, MILPRF-46103 , Type 2, Class 2
Weight: <36kg/m2
Thickness: 21mm

Helicopter Armors - FAZIL®-H
FAZIL®-H type armors are preffered particularly for helicopter armors with their high endurance and special connection systems.
These armors, which have the tightest tolarance and highest precision in their class, carry all features of helicopter armors available worldwide.
FAZIL®-H type armors can be used as base armors and side armors in general purposed helicopter such as both UH-1 and UH-60 or the Cougar, and can also be used in the shooter or pilot seat area with its specially developed designs in attack helicopters such as AH-1
In addition to this, the helicopte!s engine section, radome or transmission sections can also be armored if desired.
With its superior multi-hit resistance, FAZIL®-H  type armor shows highest performance even during the closest and hard threats.

Ballistic Standards: NIJ Level  III, Stanag 2920
Weight: <20kg/m2
Thickness: 22mm


Ballistic Standards: NIJ Level  IV, Stanag 2920, MILPRF-46103, type 2, class 2
Weight: <35kg/m2
Thickness: 20mm

Both  FAZIL®-C and  FAZIL®-H type armors are in accordance with the below standards as well as ballistic standards.

In accordance with MILSTD-810 and MILPRF-46103
Temperature Cycling :
From -55oC to +85 oC
Humidty Test: 48 Hours, 5 cycles, maximum.60 oC and %95 humidity.
Vibration: Varies depending on the frequency table of the craft to be used
Incombustibility: According to FAR 25.855 or 25.853