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Nurol Technology, has production facilities equipped with advanced technology machines, vertical shaft crushers partner for the production of the crusher rotor  tips. Our crusher rotor tips are produced for different sizes ,according to for all machine types.

Nurol Technology, shows its experience in producing crusher rotor tips by the help of high technology labrotories and machines.
With different material structures and quartz, basalt, streambed material, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, such as high wear resistance and breaking applications, providing long life operation improves the performance of your machine.

Nurol Technology is succesfully preparing  tungsten carbide powder in its own ‘powder preparing section’ for all type of breaking applications.We are developing and producing succesful crusher rotor tips by this tungsten carbide powder.

Nurol Technology, located within the advanced laboratory facilities and product quality from raw material input, shows a high sensitivity for all kinds of performance and product reliability.

Technical Details:
Nurol Technology can offer two products which are, NT-Hard and NT-Medium,for different breaking applications .

105x20x10mm NT-Hard/NT-Medium
150x20x10mm NT-Hard/NT-Medium
110x20x10mm NT-Hard/NT-Medium
104x22.23x9.53mm NT-Hard/NT-Medium
91x12x10mm NT-Hard/NT-Medium
(*)Non-Standard dimensions can be produced.