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Nurol Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of  NUROL GROUP of companies that presently continues its operations inside and outside the country through affiliated companies, participations, representatives and partnerships in various parts of the world.


Nurol Technologies Inc. has been established in 2008 for one of the biggest needs in order to provide advanced ballistic armor solutions and production for Turkey's defense industry.


Nurol Technologies Inc. located in Ankara -Turkey, with it’s most modern,fully automated,flexible and varied production lines is providing genuine solutions and alternatives for the needs of industries such as defense , aviation , energy ,metallurgy and chemistry, with a policy of customer-focused management.


Our company is providing advanced ballistic armor solutions by Turkish engineers' knowledge and experience, without any foreign partner or consultant. Nurol Technologies Inc. produces armor plates in different shapes and dimensions.


Nurol Technologies Inc., owned by "Nato Confidential" and "National Secret" Classified Document Security and Production Facility Permit for the defense industry, personal protection, land vehicles, air vehicles , sea vehicles and structures needed for providing security solutions in the international arena.

Our company is manufacturing Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide and Alumina-based solutions for advanced ballistic armor with wholly domestic raw materials.