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Nurol Technologies guarantees quality, reliability and high performance of the product within the laboratory equipped with most modern advanced technology.
Our laboratory has all required equipment for quality control , product demonstration , technical analysis and research & development activities.

Laboratory Equipments

  1. Rigaku Ultima IV X-Ray Powder Diffraction for quantification of known phases of a mixture, Identification of single or multiple phases and crystallography.
  2. Rigaku Thermoflex Plus Evo TG-DTA for determining thermal properties of materials
  3. BT9300H Laser Particle Size Analyser for measuring the avarage particle size and particle size distribuition of powder samples. BT – 1600 Image Particle Analysis System
  4. Sieve system with vibration
  5. Universal Test Machine (10 Tone) for determining Tensile Strength, Compressive Strength and extension of fibres and solid materials.
  6. Metallographic Microscobe for inspecting the surface of materials. Sample preparation equipment for Metallographic Microscobe ( Sample Pressing, Cutting and Polishing)
  7. Microhardness Measuring Device for measuring the Vickers hardness of ceramic materials.
  8. Ultrasonic Test Device for sound velocity and determining inner cracks of materials.
  9. Thermal Camera for determining the heat profile of materials.
  10. Analytical and semi-micro balance with density determination kit.
  11. Moisture Analyser, Viscometer, Mechanical Mixers, Precision Balances, pH-meter, Laser Thermometer
  12. Chemical Analysis
  13. Protherm Furnaces for R&D applications:
    1. Box Type Furnace (1800 °C max.)
    2. Tube Type Furnace (1800 °C max.)
    3. Furnace with elevator (1700 °C max.)