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Nurol Group of Companies through 40 years of past today in many fields ranging from trade to defense industry, from construction to machine manufacturing, from tourism to finance  and its over 30 entities, participations and subsidiaries. has become a subject of discussion of success not only in Turkey but in many countries around the world.

Nurol Construction whose referance is its contributions to the construction and contracting sector with its experienced workforce and a 300- millions dollars of a Machine Park has realized many large infrastructure and transport, industrial facilities, business and commercial centers, hotel, luxury housing and building projects like dams, tunnels, bridges, roads and decorated Turkey with numerous state-of-the-art facilities. The Ilısu HEPP Project in which Nurol is the Consortium leader, will generate 4 million KWh of energy when completed. The construction of the Marmaray –Tube Passage Project which was awarded after submitting the best offer with local and foreign partners is presently underway. Extending its reach with foreign partnerships and representatives, Nurol Construction has demonstrated superior performance in the international  arena as well. In addition to business development activities in the Russian Federation, the Caucasian and Central Asian republics, the Balkans and the Middle East, significant headways  have also been made in a number of other countries including Afghanistan in principal, and the Gulf countries.

With activities spreading to three continents, Nurol Construction has become a world company in the process. FNSS  holds the honor of being Turkey’s first private company engaged in the Defense industry. In partnership with BAE Systems, FNSS manufactures primarily armored combat vehicles in  addition to various types of vehicles and weapons systems.  While realizing the largest single export of defense system contract, the FNSS also serves the Turkish Armed Forces and has become a well-known brand name in many countries around the world thereby creating an export potential of over half a billion dollars for our country.

Nurol Machinery manufacturing high-quality products using its modern production technology,  has been making products for the Defense Industry for the last 20 years while it continues uninterruptedly its R&D based product development works, and the designing of new products in the fields of defense and security with the aid of its strong and experienced staff.

As a division of Nurol Machinery, Nurol Steel with a production capacity of 12,000 tons annually carries out its successful work in the fields of manufacturing and installation of steel construction components  and systems for facilities  such as refineries, and power stations, steel bridges and to be used for wall-claddings domestically as well as abroad.

Nurol’s  establishing a niche in  the financial sector began with Nurol Securities in 1990. NurolBank was founded in 1999 to offer investment banking services: Today it operates through its three branches located in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir and furthermore through the synergy created a sound structure is being formed.

The Nurol Real Estate Investment Partnership  which  assumed a mission  in the formation of a modern urbanization in Turkey, has become fully in charge of a managing a portfolio of over 50 million dollars consisting of ambitious projects such as Nurol Plaza in Istanbul, Nurol Residence -- one of the most luxurious residential buildings in Ankara, and Oasis Shopping Center in Bodrum.

In the tourism sector, the Ankara Sheraton Hotel, owned by Turser, has been raised to  the highest “Luxury Collection” category by Starwood Hotels & Resorts with which it is affiliated. It was selected  the best hotel in Turkey and Europe by the 14th World Travel Awards. In line with modernization and development works, the much-needed the Congress and Cultural Center in Ankara was completed and opened for business in 2005.

The 1,100-bed   resort village owned by Nurol Club Salima in  Kemer, Antalya, continues to provide cozy and cordial ambience and environment to its guest coming from all over the world with an understanding of a difference in the quality of service.

Bosfor which holds a “ Group A Travel Agency” certificate, continues its tourism services.

Acting as agents, Nurol Insurance Company serves our Group and other customers with the  its experienced and effective staff.

Nurol Holding offers quality service in all the business fields in which it is engaged, including:

  • Nurol Energy, which is committed to meeting the country’s increasing demand for energy;
  • Karum Management, a professional property management company operating in Ankara and Istanbul;
  • And Botim, which manages the Bodrum Oasis Shopping, Culture and Entertainment Center with efficiency and skill.

Furthermore, Nurol continues to provide domestic and international services through an aircraft, hangar, and a terminal building owned by Nurol Aviation Company.

In the meantime, “Enova Energy”  Company which was established by Nurol Energy and its local partners for the development of hydroelectric projects continues to carry out its Ceyhan HEPP Project located within the Osmaniye Provincial borders.

Gulf countries occupy an important place in Nurol Group of Companies’ construction activities abroad

The Abu Dhabi-Abu Al Shoum İsland Sea Bridge Causeway, Nakheel International City Packet 12 – Packet 9 have been completed. Khalidiya Palace Rotana Hotel and Houses, Jumeirah Village, North Villas, Shams Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah Village Triangle Zone, Zone 1 Villas, IP44 and Sea Palace Intersections projects have started. 

The construction of Douera Dam in Algeria is underway at an accelerated speed. In addition to this, Nurol will commission a  steel structure manufacturing facility with 15,000 sq. mts. of indoor  space and an annual capacity of 18,000 thousand tons  in Qatar.

The Nurol Group of companies, while receiving praise for its  commercial successes, it has always been fully aware of its social responsibilities. The Nurol Education, Culture and Sports Foundation which is growing as a result of donating school, library, and education and cultural centers to its people, while continuing its support in various art fields and growing as a result of serving the public is providing visual beauties for the art lovers at the gallery it opened in Ankara.

Having left its mark in Turkey and around the world, Nurol Holding takes pride in the social and economic values created with the  strength provided by its companies doing business in various sectors, affiliates, subsidiaries and participations, and its around ten thousand employees under its  roof.